ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is like a well-known game “Temple run” which is an endless running game that has no end. ERP is improving a lot day by day like temple run which works on specialized ways “SMAC” (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud).

Selecting the best ERP software is like choosing the treasure which plays a crucial role to transform your business. Productivity, Accuracy and efficiency are the three valuable coins gold, red and blue which drastically improve your performance so that you can boom by succeeding.

The treasure consists of Customer relations, Supply chain, Inventory, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Manufacturing and Engineering. ERP provide guidance to the employees which empowers them to understand and improve the business performance quickly so that you can escape from the failures.

The ERP automates the basic processes and provides standardized procedures which are maintained by various units of the organization like the explorer finds the clue and runs himself with the help of it. The manufacturers can improve their performance with the help of ERP in the field of visibility, traceability, quality management and planning capabilities at affordable costs.  

You can handle “front-office” duties such as Sales force automation (SFA), Marketing Automation and Ecommerce in your business.

“We are in the Digital World now and it’s about time to put away the old stuff”. Our ideas give you, hands to stay on top of regulations and give you more power to be revenue generators.

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  • Our ERP software is amongst the most deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, in India. Our software is flexible and easily modifies with the change in technology.

  • You can get a holistic view of all your operations within seconds, From finding your sales margin to a history of any customers transactions. Our ERP software provides you with the tools you need to effectively manage and control your business.

  • You can get rid of all the different softwares you are using as our one integrated software is equivalent to all different ones you are using. So rather than increasing your business complexity and add our cloud based ERP and grow every single day.

Thinking About Why to Choose Our Software?

  • Saves time by automatically converting leads to projects when 'Closed Converted'.
  • Automated email notifications sent to project managers, if employee is not assigned, project is not completed till deadline.
  • Automated Client/Company management system for tracking Consultants Performance, Lead Categories, Staff Performance, Revenue Pipeline, Revenue Earned and project categories.
  • Collaborate on projects with clients and staff.
  • Send Follow up emails to leads, and assign tasks to colleagues.
  • Tracking of the creator, owner and staff assigned to the project.

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Excellent Team of professionals, Did Web Research, Web Development for me very well.

Fortunate to find a technical team so strong

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We appreciate all the work you and your team did so far. Your team have responded very fast to the changes we requested and we really appreciate this.

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