All the companies need a digital strategy irrespective of the scale of operation. We are proven experts in creating and executing strategies for business houses. We use digital marketing tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimisation and  Pay Per Click(PPC).

We connect with your brand and engage the relevant people and hence attract a good amount of traffic. This traffic gets converted into sales in no time. Our digital marketing team is skilled and experienced and believes in providing the best results to all our clients.

We Integrate social media with several marketing activities online. Digital marketing acts as a catalyst in generating traffic and keeping businesses at par with their competitors. We not only increase your online visibility but also assess content produced and shared.

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       Our Digital Marketing services includes:

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO services can help your company to get leads by utilizing several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc. and also create brand awareness amongst the active social media users.

We use AdWord management and Pay Per Click (PPC) to direct traffic to website and social media pages.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We use strategic ways to improve a Website or Web page’s ranking, especially on the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO facilitates an increase in the website’s visibility by highlighting your company's products and services and making your company stand head and shoulders above its competitors.


  • Content Marketing

We make sure our clients' content strategy on point. Our experienced content management team makes sure to target your audience through informative blogs that are catchy and interesting to read. We create new and positive content and promote it across the web.

  • Online Reputation Management

We believe that reputation is everything! It takes years of hard work and effort to build it and we make sure you carry it a lifetime. We monitor your web activities as well as help you to rebrand your image in the outside world. We turn all the negativity into a positive social vibe for our clients while maintaining your social reputation hand in hand.


The most important and powerful aspect of digital marketing is making your business highly visible. We follow the following strategies to make you achieve the best possible online presence through Internet Marketing-

  • We analyse about the trending keywords, which are suitable for our clients business and measure competition for the same.

  • We run a proper analysis on our competitors which helps us reaching the target effectively.

  • We create unique images as well  as text advertisements.

  • Managing bid levels at the different stages of the campaign

  • Regular reporting to track ranking, link building and progress.

  • Our SEM team optimizes the information into the target language, hence generating enough traffic.

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Why Choose Us?

EskayR incorporates all small customization as per my business requirement. Which further helps in managing Business Proceesess with easy and Flexibility. Saves time by automatically converting leads to projects when Closed Converted.

Thinking About Why to Choose Our Software?

  • Saves time by automatically converting leads to projects when 'Closed Converted'.
  • Automated email notifications sent to project managers, if employee is not assigned, project is not completed till deadline.
  • Automated Client/Company management system for tracking Consultants Performance, Lead Categories, Staff Performance, Revenue Pipeline, Revenue Earned and project categories.
  • Collaborate on projects with clients and staff.
  • Send Follow up emails to leads, and assign tasks to colleagues.
  • Tracking of the creator, owner and staff assigned to the project.

Competitor Research & Analysis

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Excellent Team of professionals, Did Web Research, Web Development for me very well.

Fortunate to find a technical team so strong

Excellent vendor! Understands and communicates in English perfectly which was great for our team here in the US. Very quick work and highest of quality. Responded well to requests for changes.

We appreciate all the work you and your team did so far. Your team have responded very fast to the changes we requested and we really appreciate this.

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