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Team Coaching International (TCI) is an organization which provides coaching, skills training and Consulting to various individuals and organizations across the globe. Its clientele include one of the best organizations around the world. TCI has a strong team of senior, certified practitioner who use a consistent methodology tool sets to implement and consult thereby generating great results for its clients. TCI also stands apart as a global resource with Team Performance Coaches worldwide and the Team Diagnostic assessment is in 22 languages.

TCI has a very strong repute in training domain and therefore they were able to generate good interest amongst organizations. 

However, they were not able to generate good sales with these leads. In a discussion with client they were not clear on the 

following ares:-

1. Actual Advertisement Campaigns that generated these leads

2. Performance of marketing resources

3. Bottlenecks in their systems that caused dropped leads

4. Sales Conversion Cycle

After a series of discussion with the client, Quest GLT consulted TCI on their future business process. Quest GLT also advised 

TCI on:-

Creating a lead management system that implements the suggested process flow through:-

· Identifying lead source for every lead which has been generated

· Diving the Lead to Sales Process in various stages and assigning points to each stage

· Identifying the leads as HOT/COLD/WARM by categorizing the probability of their conversion

· Creating a follow up methodology and communication plan with the generated leads

· Identifying the key analytics for higher management to identify bottlenecks in the system like Reasons for Leads 


 Stages at which leads are dropped, identifying resource training needs for the weaker areas of specific resources etc.

· Each lead record has a section of Activity History that gives full information from the form filled via website to the reply 

sent by

 the organizers. 

· Automatic notification determining the lead has been in an open status for more than 7 business days. 

· The leads are also classified as per the lead source such as webform, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Paid Ads Etc. So that 

we are 

able to know how much revenue each source is generating.

· Once a lead has been classified as 'Hot' it gets  automatically converted to  opportunity. 

· Once an opportunity has been created, the stages needs to be changed to one of the values prospecting, need 

analysis, value

 proposition, proposal/Quote, negotiating, closed won and closed lost.


· Highly customized lead search The admin can conduct a highly customized lead search based on their preferences using various filter options like hot leads, open leads, unread leads, leads from distinct lead sources. · Drip Marketing It is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a per-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. Messages are dripped in a series applicable to a specific behavior or status of the recipient. It is also typically automated. It is achieved through integration of Mail chimp with salesforce. · Website Integration Leads registering via website are directly fed into salesforce. · Focused Pitching Custom E-mailers are sent out to appeal to these different categories of leads through salesforce. · Automatic Management System Automatic Management information system via reports like performance report, opportunity stages report, sales performance report, client information report, forecasting report, and marketing funnel report. · Increased in sales by 40%

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Fortunate to find a technical team so strong

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