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A website makes gives you VISIBILITY.

Real Estate Education provides live in-person classes for real estate professionals, attorneys, investors, or anyone else that is interested in learning about real estate. They have a Course Catalogue that includes original courses on a variety of topics, as well as courses for official certifications and designations from the National Association of Realtors.

Real Estate Education believes that knowledge is power. It’s what sets savvy investors and successful real estate professionals apart from the rest. They were facing a challenge to empower investors and professionals. They were willing to provide curated courses that are engaging, easy to understand, and accurate. Real estate professionals must often interact with other professionals, like architects, engineers, and attorneys. There is no better way to reassure clients and colleagues of your ability than through knowledge.

We proposed a promising solution of developing a website. Website is a simple way of connecting to masses. The website can contain detailed information about all the courses offered. Courses Catalogue can describe each course with precision. The catalogues contain the hours required per course and the fees chargeable for the same. A schedule or course calendar was proposed.

The admissions increased five times within a short span of time. The enquiries doubled in a month. The revenue generated tripled in six weeks. The website traffics surpassed all the past records.

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